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About Us

SenseOne, a member of Space Hellas Group, is a leading, globally awarded innovator of IoT solutions that designs and implements IoT projects of varying sophistication levels, covering the huge market need for a holistic image through the interoperability of devices, sensors, and methods, an image provided by its pioneering platform. SenseOne solutions focus on Intelligent, Sustainable, and Resilient Cities, Industries, and Buildings, contributing to optimizing resource consumption, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving efficiency in a sustainable way.

Business endeavor
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Our team of experienced IT professionals and automation engineers has early identified the sizeable global market opportunity for IoT middleware platforms covering needs between high-end integrators and in-house IT departments where the main market pain point is the lack of interoperability. 

Within this specific opportunity window, we came to address the key challenge on software defined part of IoT projects: that is about syncing Information Technology (IT) with Operational Technology (OT) for enabling IoT-based automation at every possible business layer without compromising underlying technologies and sub-systems.

IoT offerings
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Our primary offering is SenseOne IoT Platform which aims at removing the burden of cross-domain interoperability. Our mission is to provide a  scalable middleware for API based integrations between vertically isolated IoT devices (smart meters, sensors, gateways), back-end enterprise systems (ERP, Building Information Modelling, BI, Asset Management, etc.), operational systems (SCADA, industrial automation etc.), IoT platforms and  digital processes.

Applications of SenseOne IoT Platform are crossing the key IoT themes of Smart Cities, Connected Buildings and Connected Assets  under the brand umbrella of “SenseOne IoT Suite” which is built on SenseOne IoT Platform.​

SenseOne IoT Suite is purposely designed for providing a comphrehensive IoT toolkit for streamlining all processes of centralized tracking, analysis and visual presentation of IoT assets, systems and processes on top of existing siloed IT and OT architectures.

Value proposition
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Our value proposition “We make IoT applications interoperable” was created on the fundamental premise that SenseOne IoT Platform should be horizontal by design and offer broad IoT capabilities in terms of flexibility, re-usability, containerized architectures and protocol convergence. 

Market traction
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IoT projects for commercial banks, big retailers (food and non-food), real estate owners and developers, facility management companies, hospitals, campuses, marinas, operators of industrial parks, utilities and municipalities.

Research & Development 
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International R&D initiatives related to Smart Cities and Connected Buildings: “Optimus Smart City” and “Water4Cities”. 

Collaborative innovation

SenseOne has built strong technology partnerships with global industry leaders to develop best-in-class IoT offerings.

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