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IoT Suite

The applications of SenseOne IoT Platform are crossing the key IoT themes of Smart Cities, Connected Buildings and Connected Assets  under the brand umbrella of “SenseOne IoT Suite” which is built on SenseOne IoT Platform.

SenseOne IoT Suite is purposely designed for providing a comphrehensive IoT toolkit for streamlining all processes of centralized tracking, analysis and visual presentation of IoT assets, systems and processes on top of existing siloed IT and OT architectures.

A dashboard customization tool is at the core of SenseOne IoT Suite for Smart Cities, Connected Buildings and Connected Assets in order to enable a seamless, fully personalized Internet of Things experience: that is, consolidating all IoT assets on a unified IoT platform which allows to maximize control over heterogeneity, ​minimize human intervention and drastically reduce laborious processes​.

Connected Buildings
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SenseOne has implemented various IoT projects inside commercial and industrial buildings.

SenseOne IoT Suite solution focus  for Connected Buildings:

Digital twin

Creation of digital twin of buildings via live integration with  Building Information Modelling (BIM)​.

Asset level operations synchronization

Syncronization of asset-level operations (BMS, HVAC, lighting, any IT/non-IT infra) with energy (power, gas, fossil fuel) using resource efficiency processes.

Net metering applications

SenseOne applies net metering solutions.

Indoor environmental conditions evaluation

Evaluation and adjustment of indoor environmental conditions (CO2 and humidity levels) in real time as per actual occupancy levels.

Campus operations monitoring

Intelligent monitoring and control of campus operations.

Commercial and industrial warehouses

Monitoring and control of storage conditions in commercial and industrial warehouses.

ISO reporting automation

Sustainability reporting automation in line with ISO 50001 requirements​.

BIM resource efficiency

BIM-based applications for resource efficiency (electricity, gas, water)​.

Renewable technologies

Montoring and control of building-integrated renewable technologies (rooftop solar PV).

Smart Cities
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Regarding Smart Cities, SenseOne IoT Suite is supporting digital transformation initiatives of municipalities, utilities, telcos and city infrastructure operators. It is based on SenseOne IoT Platform and serves as the middleware layer for cross-domain interoperability and operational automation within city infrastructure.

Smart Cities offering includes IoT applications for the collection and processing of open data in every possible digital domain of a Smart City: 

Creating smart public buildings as a pillar for Energy Efficiency within city infrastructure

Metering for power generation from building integrated renewables, smart grid/net 

Monitoring and control of outdoor lighting infrastructure

Monitoring and control of water and wastewater infrastructure

Waste management

Monitoring of location-specific environmental conditions

Noise monitoring in urban environments

Connected assets/equipment solutions that enable the creation of connected spaces that might be smart venues, sports arenas, smart ports, airports or industrial parks

Connected Assets
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SenseOne IoT Suite provides an integrated IoT framework for predictive maintenance of high-value equipment and infrastructures such as production machinery, street lighting or waste management equipments.

Our Connected Assets solutions are facilitating the shift from reactive to predictive maintenance by combining OT and IT capabilities  into a unified platform for real-time sensing, analysizing and visualizing fixed-assets insights across four dimensions :

Past performance 

Prediction of future failure 

Environmental performance/impact 

Life cycle costs assessment 

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